Do you love stories?

Stories have lived in my heart for as long as I can remember. Before I was old enough to read or write, I would tell my stories to others so they could write them down for me.

Just like me, my stories have grown in depth and experience over the years. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of learning through story and experiencing God and His heartbeat for you in the pages of my novels.

Meet the author

Erin Mifflin

Erin Mifflin lives in the Missouri Ozarks and claims reading and writing as some of her favorite activities. She tutors middle school and high school students, and is an active big sister and aunt in her large family. She loves llamas, baking, history, and the Olympics.


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The Comfort of Old Friends

Have you ever had a season where it seems like everything is going wrong? One of those "If it rains, it pours" times? We all have. I've been walking through one the past few weeks, and it's been exhausting. One personal disappointment came in the form of my very first fiction rejection...

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Stings and Steps

Three weeks ago I was stung by a wasp. It was my first experience with a wasp sting, and though the immediate pain was intense, I felt like my reaction overall was pretty mild. Then, nine days later, the site broke out in hives and my arm was fevered and itchy. I'd never heard of a...

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ACFW Conference 2021

The American Christian Fiction Writer's annual conference was last weekend. Although it was virtual, that didn't stop me from getting away for it. I invited writing friend Becca Kinzer to come down from Illinois, and we rented a little 2-bedroom place about an hour from my house. It was...

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Lifted Dreams

Last week I sent my book proposal to an editor at a publishing house for the very first time. That’s a really big deal! This business moves very slowly, so I know it will be a couple months before I hear anything, but I am much more excited than nervous. Sure, she could get back to me...

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End of Summer 2021

I head back to school next week, and summer vacation will be officially over. In the books. Finito. While I’m excited to dive into another school year with my students, it’s been hard to let summer go this time around. If you had asked me in May to name five things I was most looking...

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The Olympic Letter Tradition

In 2004, I lived in four states in a four-month time span. It was as tumultuous as it sounds! Multiple moves, learning new mailing addresses in each state, emotional instability, uncertainty about the future—yeah, it’s not my favorite period to look back on. But one thing arose from it...

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