Last week I sent my book proposal to an editor at a publishing house for the very first time. That’s a really big deal! This business moves very slowly, so I know it will be a couple months before I hear anything, but I am much more excited than nervous. Sure, she could get back to me with a “no thanks” and I’ll have my first official fiction rejection letter. But my dream of being a published author is in God’s hands, and I am confident He will work it out in His time if it is His will.

I’ll let you know what the editor says when I do hear from her. 🙂

Recently, I’ve been thinking an extra amount about placing my dreams in God’s hands and letting Him have control over how they work out. Of course, any dream requires me to put forth the effort of working toward it, and that is not to be overlooked. But the outcome? I need to be willing to accept what He says.

God’s will is always the best. If the answer to my current prayer request, the one that I really want to see answered in a specific way, is “no,” I can rest assured that because God is my loving Father, whatever He has is going to be better than what I think I want right now.

Let me say it again: If He says “no,” it’s because He has something better in store.

That’s not what we want to hear in the moment. Our hearts want what they want. If there’s nothing wrong with my desires, why does He delay in giving them to me? Because, somehow, it’s all going to be better when He brings it about rather than if I force it to happen.

There’s a quote I keep coming across. I’ve heard it mentioned in a couple different sermons recently, and each time it has resonated in my spirit. It’s from Andrew Murray.

“God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him.”

When I place my dreams—whether they be related to writing or any other part of my life—in His hands, it’s the safest place for them to be. They may or may not be answered in the way or time I’d like. But I can rest in knowing I’m partnering with Him and He is ready to assume full responsibility for them—and for me!

And even if He decides my dreams are not to be, He is still good. He is always trustworthy and faithful. I lift my dreams to Him and prepare my heart to receive whatever answer He lovingly gives.

God, when You choose to leave mountains unmovable

Give me the strength to be able to sing

It is well with my soul.



Top Image by Arik Agastha from Pixabay


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