Once upon a time…

hundreds of thousands of people descended on St. Louis for the 1904 World’s Fair. An enormous display of history, culture, science, and athletics played out over seven glorious months.

I’m currently writing a trilogy that will cover various aspects of the Fair, including the 1904 Olympic Games, which were held in conjunction with this grand event. The books weave real history with fictional characters and their faith journeys.

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About the Book

Katie Dotson longs for adventure—and the World’s Fair in St. Louis seems like the perfect place to find it. Working as a first aid nurse at the Fair, she has a front-row seat to the exciting exhibits and exotic flair of the world coming to her doorstep.

Rob Walker has spent the past few years traveling the globe with the World’s Fair Organization Committee, but working back in the States stirs up longings for a place to truly belong.

One of the more popular exhibits at the Fair is the Infantorium, where Katie’s father cares for premature infants in gas-heated glass incubators. When he decides to raffle off one of the babies in order to raise money for scientific advancement, Katie and Rob join forces in attempting to stop the raffle and find a home for baby Ernest.

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