The Comfort of Old Friends

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Have you ever had a season where it seems like everything is going wrong? One of those “If it rains, it pours” times? We all have. I’ve been walking through one the past few weeks, and it’s been exhausting.

One personal disappointment came in the form of my very first fiction rejection letter. The editor was very nice and encouraging, saying she believes in me and my story, but that there’s room for improvement. I’ve been brainstorming and hope to begin working more layers into my manuscript soon.

Amidst all the emergencies and car problems and appliance issues, I’ve found myself longing for the comfort of the familiar. I’ve been drawn to reread a couple non-fiction books that seem specifically applicable to my current life situation. In looking for one of them, which I had packed a couple years ago when I was preparing for a possible move that didn’t pan out, I came across a box of favorite fiction titles. Just holding those books in my hands and looking at the covers brought a measure of joy to my heart. Books really are friends.

As much as I love literary friends, real life friends are even more wonderful. A couple weekends ago I traveled to Georgia to attend a wedding and visit with some dear women, one of whom I’ve known since 1998. We’ve been friends for way more than half our lives! This particular group only gets to see each other every 2-3 years, but we talk every day on Messenger. Being together was a sweet balm in the midst of a crazy time.


I’m also thankful for my friend Kim, who didn’t hesitate when I asked her for help on the day my car wouldn’t start, though she did look askance when I said I was going to jump it myself. I felt a certain sense of accomplishment in proving that two women, a pair of jumper cables, and some know-how were all it took to get my vehicle to the auto parts store, where they confirmed my diagnosis of a worn out battery and swapped in a new one for me right then and there. Problem solved!

Most of all, I’ve been looking to the God of all comfort (II Cor. 1:3), who promises to give us strength for each day (Deut. 33:25). Through the ups and downs—all of the downs!—there is such peace in knowing He is in control, in recognizing His hand, and in trusting that He has better days in store. His plans for me are good, and He is for me. He is for you, too. There is absolutely no greater comfort in the world.


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